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Experience report UNIMARKT

UNIMARKT benefits from optimum business management analyses and business comparisons

The challenge
Until now, profit and loss figures, balance lists and other business data have been entered in Excel at Unimarkt, so that comparative analyses and forecasts can be drawn up. But because this method does not provide adequate analysis facilities, Unimarkt was looking for an alternative. The aims were to introduce comparable standards and visualise profit and loss data in such a way that both the individual divisions and various different branches could be juxtaposed and analysed.

The solution
Via the Austrian Franchise Association (ÖFV), Unimarkt’s attention was drawn to edfis, the web-based analysis tool from eurodata. This solution was not only able to implement the requirements defined above, but also supported the transformation from a branch structure to a franchise structure.

The result
Shortly after the beginning of the rollout, improvements can already be seen. Routine processes are being automatised, reducing the amount of administration work, profit and loss figures are comparable, and the franchisees can ‘benchmark’ and learn from one another.

Experience report UNIMARKT (in German)