Optimisation of Accounting

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    Accounting 4.0 – how it’s done today!

    Are you or your clients still printing out electronic invoices for the accounting department?
    It shouldn’t be like that any more today. Exploit the potential of electronic invoices and the electronic transmission of supporting documents, and thus save lots of time in your accounting, and any amount of paper and toner as well!
    For decades, eurodata has been assisting tax advisors to keep their expenses for the compilation of accounts as low as possible.

    Digitalisation creates a good baseline for this. We and our tax advice partners in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic know what potential there is in the automation of accounting. Especially when there is a large number of system accounts, automatising as much of the work as possible is particularly important.

    Feeling curious? Contact us – we’ll be glad to show you your potential for optimisation and draw up an individual quotation for you.

    Paperless transfer of supporting documents – simply, by e-mail

    The on-line archiving solution edmail2archive makes it possible to transfer supporting documents to the accounting department without using paper at all.

    You or your clients simply have electronic invoices sent directly by e-mail to the personal archive by their (main) suppliers and no longer need to print them out, file them or pass them over to accounting in paper form.

    Other supporting documents which exist on paper are scanned in and all archived together in a single PDF file – quite simply by e-mail or upload.

    Following clearance, the accounting department receives access to the accounting files in the archive. The supporting documents can be booked on the screen.

    Recognition of supporting documents – inexpensive and fast

    Our software for the recognition of supporting documents can be connected directly with the archive.

    From the electronic invoices, the software

    • draws up booking suggestions in accordance with the account allocation you have prescribed and delivers them as an import file for your financial accounting software – and if you use BMD DMS, for example, it even does so inclusive of the supporting documents for connection with the posting line.
    • draws up electronic invoices in PDF format (not scanned paper invoices). If possible with additional descriptive data, e.g. as an XML file, though PDF alone is also possible.

    What’s special about this is that we extract from the supported invoices not only the final amount and the VAT, but can also compile detailed accounts from individual group totals.Other invoice types from additional suppliers can be supported quickly and inexpensively. Particularly when there are a large number of similar supporting documents per month from suppliers, the electronic processing of these (supporting) documents pays for itself in no time at all.

    Archiving on line – simple and audit-proof

    The completed analyses of the accounts, payroll accounting data, annual statements of account etc. can then be archived simply by the accounting department and made available to the client securely, or stay where they are, archived in audit-proof form together with all the other supporting documents for the whole of the statutory retention period or longer.

    Feeling curious? Get in touch with us – we’ll be glad to show you your potential for optimisation and draw up an individual quotation for you.