edbackup – the optimal protection against data loss

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    Optimum data backup – reliable backup with edbackup

    A backup can reestablish an earlier data resource. Its purpose is to protect you against machine failure and operator error such as the accidental deletion of files. But it only does so for a certain period of time!
    In everyday business you need to process and save data electronically.

    Your company documents and electronic company data are an obvious corporate asset. These range from customer data, accounting data, contracts and quotations to graphics and product brochures. So a sophisticated data backup strategy should be discussed at the highest company level, and it must be defined in accordance with the sensitivity of the data and their relevance to the company.

    Data backup specially for small and middle-sized enterprises

    With edbackup, your critical business data are transmitted and stored fully automatically in our data centre. So this way you always have an up-to-date external backup.

    You decide which datasets you require a regular backup of and how many backup generations make sense.

    Via the Internet you can access your data backup by means of your browser without any additional software at any time and quickly recover the data if you need to.

    Doubly secure: with edbackup, your data in the data centre are always stored in duplicate. That means that no data are lost – even when there is a hardware defect during the backup! In addition to that, all your files are scanned with the newest technologies for current computer viruses.

    The advantages you get from backup with edbackup

    • automatic – at no expense
      With edbackup you can make a backup of selected data automatically from the local system via a secure connection (up to 256-bit AES encryption) on line in the eurodata data centre in Germany (certified in accordance with the stringent German data protection standards ISO 27001 and ISO 22301). The on-line backup just runs fully automatically at set times. You don’t have to do anything and you don’t have to remember to initiate it.
    • regular status reports
      You receive a report by e-mail from eurodata at pre-settable intervals (e.g. daily) on the status of the most recent backup.
    • secure in the case of a catastrophe too
      24-hour monitoring of hardware and software ensures optimum security for your data. Thanks to the geographical separation of the on-line backup, you quickly regain access to your critical business data even after a catastrophic event.

    The inexpensive software solution for on-line data backup

    For edbackup you don’t need any further hardware or software, so you don’t incur any major purchase costs.

    The on-line backup can save you many of the ongoing backup costs and pays for itself after only a short time.

    eurodata provides you as the customer with the storage space you ordered in the on-line storage facility and always keeps two copies of the data (primary / secondary storage). So in fact twice as much storage space is made available as the space that was ordered, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

    We’ll be happy to show you how quickly edbackup will pay its way in your business. Just contact us to talk about your inexpensive, carefree backup solution.

    Did you know …

    … that more than 30,000 Austrian entrepreneurs lose important information each year – either through system failure (hard disc crash), human error (accidental data deletion), crime (theft, computer viruses …) or force majeure (fire, water damage …)? And they still lose it in spite of the fact that a backup has been made!

    … that 6 out of 10 middle-sized enterprises in Britain, France and Germany are at risk of losing data because of outdated IT equipment?

    … that 30% of entrepreneurs are forced to abandon their entrepreneurial activities within a year following significant data loss, and 70% within 5 years?

    Why edbackup?

    Backup copies are made far too infrequently and mostly on outdated media. Having said that, the circumstance that the backup copies are kept together with the original data instead of being stored separately outside the building is even more critical. What is the use of even the very best backup if there is a fire which destroys the copies too? Or if the last serviceable backup is several weeks old?

    That’s why backup with edbackup is the right solution!