edtas – the accounting and controlling system for filling-stations

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    The filling station accounting and controlling system edtas – the perfect business overview

    In addition to the financial accounting prescribed by law, edtas, the accounting and controlling system specially tailored to the filling station market, offers filling station entrepreneurs monthly business management analyses of the current business developments (situation with regard to earnings and assets) in clear and easily interpretable form.
    edtas gives filling station entrepreneurs the possibility to improve the result of their entrepreneurial activity and ensures that they are left with more time for their core business.

    With the aid of the monthly business analyses, the economic development of the company can be assessed faster and thus better, and this enables you to think and act in a commercially strategic way. This in turn makes it possible to detect weak points purposefully and in good time.
    For decades, edtas has been the leading accounting and controlling system for filling station businesses. Some 10,000 filling stations throughout Europe, some 900 of which are in Austria, use edtas for their business management.

    The advantages you get as a filling station entrepreneur with edtas

    • support from eurodata tax advisors from the very first day: a network of tax advisors who specialise in the filling station market and thus offer appropriate sector-specific know-how. Since they use the edtas booking system and are appropriately trained, they are experts in the field. This means that the financial accounts can be drawn up in an efficient and inexpensive way.
    • security thanks to rapid detection of deviations and weak points
    • monthly overview and monitoring of current turnover and costs, also in comparison with the previous year and the business plan
    • concentration on your core task as an entrepreneur: the successful management of the filling station
    • overview of the financial situation as an aid to making investment decisions
    • web access: at www.AnalyseOnline.at the company’s business management data are retrievable on line, right up to date on a daily basis
    • a meaningful comparison between their own filling station and similar filling station businesses of the leading petroleum companies in Austria provides filling station entrepreneurs with important information and ideas for successful entrepeneurial action
    • the intensive automation of accounting brings about an increase in efficiency for both the entrepreneur and the accounting department

    Systematic advice and service – managing filling stations securely and successfully

    As well as the business analyses, the accounting and controlling system edtas contains a large number of graphics and clearly organised diagrams on the business development.
    Of course, the business trend development can also be depicted according to individually pre-settable parameters over a longer period, for example several years.

    In AnalyseOnline, filling station entrepreneurs with more than one station will find a monthly ‘business summary’ of their turnover and costs and can thus see the operating result that can currently be expected from all their stations at a single glance.
    eurodata can also draw up special analyses for special customer requirements.

    The finance and money account is a monthly and yearly depiction of the development of the liquid resources of the filling station business.
    This overview shows the inflow and outflow of those resources: where has my money gone and how has my profit developed?

    Accounting, tax advice, business management advice and optimum handling of the edtas tools: all from a single source.

    edtas thus offers you the best conditions for managing your filling station securely and successfully.

    Controlling tools for your success, attuned to the filling station market

    Business analysis 1

    • detailed presentation of the turnover and expenses / costs in the current month and the business year so far, leading to
    • short-term results account (profit / loss)
    • status of current situation with regard to assets (entrepreneurial capital)

    Business analysis 2

    • comparison of your own turnover and costs with those of similar filling stations
      – your own petroleum company (internal benchmark, business comparison)
      – the national filling station market as a whole (external benchmark, market comparison)
    • business management KPIs such as liquidity, percentage return on sales, turnover per square metre of sales area, frequency of stock turnover etc.

    Business analysis 3

    • detailed presentation of the business plan
    • comparison of the current figures with the figures from the previous year and the current business plan
    • contains figures from the accounting month, the cumulative target and current figures and presents the expected result for the year
    • deviations in individual turnover and cost positions can be detected quickly