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Hectronic Austria integrates edbackup in its cash registers

The coming-into-force of the cash register security ordinance (RKSV) in Austria in 2016 sensitised all the companies that work with checkout systems. In order ot be able to provide an adequate solution here, Hectronic Austria decided to equip its cash registers with a secure and innovative cloud solution for data backup. The aim was to integrate the solution directly in the systems, while yet offering the customers individual configuration options.

From the filling station business, the people in charge at Hectronic Austria were already acquainted with the software provider eurodata, whose portfolio includes a web-based solution meets the requirements posed here, the company integrated edbackup in its cash register systems.

Thanks to edbackup, Hectronic Austria can offer its customers the added value of RKSV compliance and seven-year data backup – simply, inexpensively and reliably.

Experience report Hectronic (in German)