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eurodata Austria celebrates company’s 50th anniversary

eurodata team looks back on joint successes since 1972 with customers, partners and employees

On 24 June 2022, numerous representatives from petroleum corporations, the filling station business, the retail trade and the franchise market met up in Vienna’s ‚wolke21‘ to celebrate the anniversary of eurodata Austria. In his speech, managing director Markus Huemer not only paid tribute to milestones in the history of the company, but also highlighted the international collaboration within the eurodata Group.

As well as the entertaining management speech, the refreshing cocktails and barbecue treats, the programme highlights included a performance by the cabaret artists Weinzettl & Rudle, the well known caricaturist Raimund Pulz, and music with a DJ. The guests were also very enthusiastic about the view from the location, which offered a breathtaking panorama out over Austria’s capital. Another special feature was the various different stations with exhibits from the last 50 years. Here, the customers had a chance to converse, both with the many guests of honour from Austria, Germany and France, and with eurodata staff from Vienna and the Czech Republic. The guests of honour also included Erwin Blatnig, former managing director of eurodata Austria, and Christof Kurz, executive manager of eurodata AG in Saarbrücken. But the appearance of several representatives from fellow subsidiaries in the eurodata Group also caused a great deal of pleasure in Vienna, the more so because everyone was very glad to be able to get together and exchange opinions and information face to face at last.

Markus Huemer said: „We’re very proud of the fact that some 1,600 entrepreneurs from a great variety of sectors and different countries deploy solutions from eurodata Austria. In the future, we want to get set up even more internationally alongside the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Apart from that, we’re currently in the process of realising an exciting project with the VALORA Group, which fits in excellently with the transformation of the filling station market and the convenience sector. The general and payroll accounting will be done with solutions from eurodata Germany, and controlling with the solution from eurodata Austria.“

Thus the company anniversary was used as a platform for an intensive exchange of opinions and information on current and future projects. Above all, the circumstance that at last it was possible for everyone to meet up again in person in a relaxed atmosphere had an inspirational effect.