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STIHL goes over to automatic archiving
Picture STIHL building

The challenge

With a customer base of over 400 companies, STIHL Austria has to cope with between 60,000 – 70,000 invoices and credit notes each year. To make this process clearer and more stringent and offer its customers modern invoicing, STIHL Austria planned to introduce e-invoices. Parallel to that, it also intended to automatise the archiving of its invoices, credit notes and invoice-related documents.


The solution

Via an IT consulting enterprise, STIHL's attention was drawn to a combination of e-billing function and archiving solution which could also be connected to the ERP system via an interface. Apart from electronic invoicing, the aim was to guarantee fast and reliable access to archived invoices.  


The result

STIHL introduced the e-billing solution and edmail2archive, and today, just under 60% of the invoices are digitalised and automatically archived. That doesn't just save the company time and money; it also reduces the burden, above all with regard to statutory obligations regarding documentation and archiving.